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Start talking to a doctor in less than 1 minute

Instantly connect with Professional and eperienced doctors for online medicare from your phone, tablet or computer.

Step 1

Visit the site and request a visit with the Doctor

Step 2

Give details and receive your pricing

Step 3

Payment and confirmation

Step 4

Start your session with the doctor

Start by describing your symptoms

Requesting a consultation with a doctor on uguzamedics is pretty simple.

  • First visit our site
  • On the site there is a blue messaging icon hooked in the right side of your screen
  • Click on it, fill in your details as per the form by entering your symptoms or a description of your medical request  and submit 
  • An online receptionist will then join the chat immediately, give you payment details and clear directions about your session with the doctor
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Payment and confirmation

  • Our online receptionist will guide you through the payment process via the live chat in case of any difficulties the receptionist will still be online ready to help
  • Once paid it will be confirmed and you will be assigned a doctor immediately

You'll then enter into a session with a doctor

Once the doctor reviews your condition he will ask into more detailed information to ascertain the cause of it. Also NOTE that not all conditions are treated online by Uguzamedics If a solution cannot be arrived at online our doctors will advise on what you need to do about it, available treatment options get to choose the one that can best work for you and maybe refer you to a specific health facility that offers quality healthcare services that can handle your condition or rather a specific specialist.

Get the right treatment, diagnosis and advices right on Uguzamedics

Once the session is done you will receive prescriptions or sick notes digitally right to your email address or whichever address you will choose. With uguzamedics you will be able to get the right treatment, professional health advises, specialist opinions and consultations

Frequently asked questions

Yes . Your information is private when you use our services. It is our duty to protect it with comprehensive security infrastructure and stringet data policies to ensure it stays private and secure. Each consultation through Uguza is completely private and safe and always delivered by a professional and licensed Physician just the same way they would in their office. Once your session with the doctor end you are free to download the transcript,by that you have full ownership and control over your personal health information at all times

Not at this time. Because our promise is to connect you with a physician in minutes no waiting, Our online receptionists assigns you a doctor to start a session as quickly as possible

Yes. Think of UGuzamedics as the linking platform between you and the doctors. just like an in person visit, or a telephone conversation,the doctors is responsible for assessing your situation, understanding your medical history, asking you questions about your symptoms, and providing treatment accordingly

Prescriptions are sent digitally directly to you, but they will only be sent if the doctor has successfully diagnosed your condition and ascertained the cause of it then treatment will be made by a prescription being sent directly to you

Each session normally takes 15 minutes but then before you enter a session with the doctor our team will determine how complex your issue and give you the pricing and time.

Our physicians are able to safely and accurately diagnose the majority of common illnesses without a hands-on examination. To check some of the commonly treated conditions on uguza check on this link and scroll dow the page 

You get a diagnosis, prescription, or medical advice in minutes. Uguzamedics is fast, reliable and convenient and 24/7 access to professional and experienced doctors

Yes. To share your health issue with the doctor you must pay

We accept payments through mobile wallets i.e M-pesa, Airtel money anad T-kash. Whenever you request a consultation through uguza, we’ll first advise you on the visit cost prior to connecting you with a physician

Absolutely, we have a unique system for emergency services whereby if a situation arises you call our emergency lines state the condition of the victim and our doctors will try put the victim under control by guiding you through before help arrives or an ambulance arrives or rather before arriving at an hospital E.R. SO many people die in that period of waiting to be attended to while there is something that would have been done to put the victim under control.

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