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Uguzamedics is a virtual health care service provider with professional doctors handling all matters to do with health online at an affordable price. Its reliable and convenient since all it needs is a phone,tablet or a PC to receive our services. At Uguzamedics we don’t just treat we help an individual make correct decisions in regards to his/her condition, understand it better and get to choose treatment options that work for you where to best get them and also receive doctors’s opinions in regards to your health condition about what he thinks about you condition and what you need to do about it.

At uguzamedics we offer a personalised healthcare services. Generally we do virtual treatment to common health conditions, answer to any health related question and provide a viable solution and all consultations all in; nutrition, family planning.baby issues, maternal issues, diabetic and hypertension monitoring, menstrual issues etc..Assuming you’re suspecting yourself suffering from  but unsure what it can be because you cannot go to a physical medical centre uguzamedics is just a click away. You have a private health condition that you can’t share with a physical doctor for opinions and advice . A first time pregnant mother experiences unique feelings but unsure whether normal or its a complication developing but again unable to go to a physical health center again and gain for checkups. Accessibility to doctors is very hard due to affordability issue hence people are googling their symptoms and prescribing themselves medication. Long queues at a clinic for just a consultation with a doctor. Travelling or hiking and need to talk to a doctor urgently

our staff

Jerry Victor

He is a graduate specialized in B-com but has passion in sales and marketing he is in charge of marketing at uguzamedics....

Dama Kerry

She is young hardworking and loves her work she manages all of our patients' inventory, linking up with our doctors incase of any prescription she links up the system and a prescription is made for the patient

Olive Kerry

She has specialized in health records helping us managing all our patients data and doctors' prescriptions sent to the patients

Padora Gesare

She is a young ethusiastic and professional customer care the lady behind your support questions


Meet the faces behind uguzamedics

Gideon sagero

GIDEON is the FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR of UGUZAMEDICS. He loves solving problems through technology innovations one of them being UGUZAMEDICS which is a virtual healthcare where patients get access to doctors online and from anywhere anytime. He is still a student in the Technical University of Kenya and recently he was voted as the innovative student of the year. Everything he does he does it with passion and vision and with that he has managed to keep UGUZAMEDICS  at the top


Jehoshaphat sagero

JEHOSHAPHAT is the CO-FOUNDER & CEO of UGUZAMEDICS. He has passion in managing projects successfully and getting the job done without incidences of managerial conflict, corruption  or any issue arising as a result of his managerial practices. He is also a student at the University of Nairobi. UGUZAMEDICS is happy having him as one of the co-founding members because he loves being perfect in everything he gets involved in doing.

queen robinson

QUEEN ROBINSON is the COFOUNDER and ICT DIRECTOR of UGUZAMEDICS by virtue he loves innovations to be precise in Technology and a problem solver who never cease to find a solution to a problem but he says God gave him that Technological mind to a point that every problem he notices a solution that comes right to his mind is in Technology.

welcome doc


Dr Mercy Owino

She is a graduate from the university of California specialised in General health, she is a General practitioner with 6 years experience in the field

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Dr Tiqi woods

She is a masters degree graduate in the medical field from the University of Harvard School of Medicine. She deals with baby and children issues she is one person that loves children, her specialization falls under Paedetrician

dr onoja lingali

He is a professional and experienced doctor having worked with so many hospital outside and in our country just to mention a few Agha Khan, KNH, Nairobi Womens’, New York main Hospital with more than 10 years experience in the field. HE is a General practitioner and a Nutritionist

doc 7

Dr henry obonyo

He is a graduate from the university of Nairobi with 7 years experience as a General practitioner and Maternal issues also good at guidance and counselling. Generally he is a very professional doctor

opt 2

Dr fleetwoods wail

He is a very professional and really experienced with over 40 years in the field and by virtue he loved being part of problem solving projects as in this case of Uguzamedics. He is a GeneralPractitoner having worked in various places in the world

opt 3

dr sandie khubeka

Meet Dr Sandile Khubeka a Dr who works with passion and vision and and with an aim of  achieving universal healthcare. She has a 4 year experience in the medical field but has managed to achieve professionalism in his career. She is a General Practitioner and a nutritional specialist.

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