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WHY GOOGLE SYMPTOMS WHEN YOU CAN TALK TO A DOCTOR? You can now do it online in real time at an affordable price. It doesn’t matter where you are and at what time, UGUZAMEDICS has you covered. You can now access doctors in your convenience, thanks to technology

why choose us?

Save time,travel,money from the comfort of your place be it an office, school or home and get access to quality & professional doctors for great medical advices, treatment & consultations in real time at an affordable pricing ask us anything no waiting!

Virtual treatment & consultations

Get access to a doctor who can listen to your condition and maybe treat you or give you his specialist opinions and available treatment opinions that best works for you is not easy, this is why UGUZAMEDICS is offering a personalized healthcare service that is flexible to everybody where you can take charge of your health


This is the main reason why UGUZAMEDICS was launched to help those people who cannot freely share their private health issues with a physical doctor hence becoming chronic which often leads to death, therefore at no cost whatsoever will your conversation or information shared with our doctors be rendered public, our patients’ information is secured and protected

Reliable & convenient

Why should i go all the way to a physical health centre to get access to a doctor for a  consultation when all i want is a prescription or his specialist opinion in regards to my health condition and maybe available quality treatment options that can work for me in terms of maybe affordability and where to find them, worry no more UGUZAMEDICS has made access to doctors easy from any place by bringing an hospital right to your phone


Our service pricing is  clear, affordable and simple no hidden charges, typically affordable by everybody

Quality & professionalism

We comprise of a team of experienced and higly qualified doctors who treat, consult and prescribe medication based on your health condition, and so not every condition can be diagnosed online but you will get to receive directions and guidance from them on how to go about it

Saves time

Queuing at a clinic for long hours just to see a doctor for a private consultation is just hectic save time and consult with a professional doctor by just a click of a button. Our support team are always at your service incase you need help in anything on the platform to ease the usage and save time 

Our uniqueness

What makes us the best in the healthcare services provision? 

User friendly

Whether good in Technology or not to access our healthcare services is pretty easy based on the features available on our platform its very flexible for anybody to use them

on-time services

By this we mean, no time wasting once you've paid it takes less than a minute before you start your consultations with our doctor, the doctors are ever standby to attend to any health issue and provide viable solutions

calls/sms enabled

There is availability of an sms/call enabled platform for offline users who cannot access internet connectivity, thus making our services reliable and usable by everyone

24/7 support

We offer a 24/7 customer care support to our clients open for help incase a user experiences difficulty in the usage of our services or maybe not everything is clear to you

Our statistics

patients a day
conditions treated daily

What we do

What do we do at uguza?

Our doctors see and treat many common medical issues on uguza

Uguza connects you with a licensed physician quickly, so you can get the help or advice you need and move on with your day.

Our doctors are well respected, experienced, professional & licensed family or emergency medicine practitioners passionate about delivering outstanding healthcare.

Doctors have the ability to prescribe you medication at Uguza at their discretion, based on your consultation. Prescriptions at Uguza are digital, and we send them to your email or phone for fulfillment. We are also working on  having them delivered to your door based on your location, at no additional cost to you.

Doctors can provide sick notes for school or work for short absences, so you can focus on resting instead of sitting in a waiting room.

We are linking up with laboratories currently because not every condition we can be able to diagnose online without lab results, so in this case our doctors will guide you through what is next available treatment options and get to choose the one that works for you and generally his take as a specialist about your condition and what you need to do about it

Many people spend alot of money looking for a quality specialist doctor before they finaly get one. Uguzamedics has got the problem sorted for example if you need to see a Dermatologist(skin Doctor) you will first tell us your health issue before we settle on your request of seeing a Dermatologist often patients make their own judgement of seeing a certain specialist and end up wasting money for consultation only to waste money and referred to the right specialist after money has been wasted. So once we listen to your issue if we cannot help you ourselves then we refer you to a specific quality specialist doctor

Our doctors are available 24/7 to provide advice and prescriptions for common chronic care conditions.

Some examples include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Allergies & asthma
  • Stress management
  • Obesity
  • and more…

Our doctors and psychotherapists are available to provide advice and treatment for common mental health conditions.

Some examples include:

  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Mood changes
  • Trauma & loss
  • and more…

At Uguzamedics we help first time pregnant mother avoid complications during delivery by chatting with our doctors and their own convenient time to inquire about some unique feelings whether normal or not and if they need urgent care or not, by this we will manage to reduce number of complications that arise as a result of assuming the unique feeling during pregnancy is normal

Doctors can advise on family planning and treat conditions like urinary tract infections and erectile dysfunction.

Some examples include:

At uguzamedics we help our users with information about healthy weight loss and nutrition controlling to avoid lifestyle diseases which are currently in the rise. People with lifestyle diseases also need a diet timetable to help them maintain their normal body for examlpe people with:

Diabetes, HIVAIDS, Cancer, high blood pressure and hypertension

Commonly treated conditions

Our physicians can treat a host of common illnesses quickly and effectively through an online live chatting visit. Here are the most common treated health conditions:

  • COLD & FLU

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The future of virtual healthcare

Imagine a world where healthcare is universal, a world where healthcare is not determined by your status or economic affiliation, a world where no matter the location ill still get access to a doctor, a world where the issue of quality, accessibility and affordability is a long gone forgotten story. This is made possible with uguzamedics, your personalized healthcare service provider accessible from everywhere,anywhere, anytime..

Our clients say

"Accessing healthcare services at an affordable price right from my mobile phone is what i have always wanted, i hate queuing in an hospital with serious patients who needs much more attention than i, with uguzamedics we will be able to save lives and time"
Hilary Leigh
"Am an office worker by profession and i really love the fact that i dont need to step out of my office all the way to the hospital instead i just seek for medical advice and consultation from uguzamedics and receive treatment immediately, if the doctor feels like i cant be diagonized online without proper physical examination well then ill do that"
Hall Read
"I love Uguzamdeics and the fact that even the poor who cannot afford healthcare services due to poverty will be able to access medical services directly from their phones at a cheaper price"
Quintin Angus
"I haven't used uguzamedics yet but am so happy that such a product has been launched in the country this has always been my dream to open up an online hospital had uguzamedics had not implemented it, bravo!!"
Jillie Tempest


Our vision

To effectively embrace technology in a positive way and use it make medical services affordable and accessible to everyone from anywhere across the globe

our mission

To be the leading virtual healthcare service providers across the globe solving health/ medical challenges people face through technology

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